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Education is a primary and essential component of Plymouth Bay House services. We offer supported education, with staff and members partnering to provide assistance to members with their individual education goals.

Clubhouse supports may include assistance with:

  • Applications to college, vocational training, certification programs, and other educational opportunities
  • GED [Hi–Set] preparation
  • Computer skill development
  • English as a Second Language curriculum; the Clubhouse’s Education Facilitator is a Certified TEFL (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) Instructor
  • Peer to peer tutoring and/or homework support
  • Development of individualized learning plans
  • Connecting and/or partnering with local educational institutions
  • Applications for financial aid, scholarship, and grant funding
  • Onsite group instruction in reading, writing, math, and more

Want to know more? Please contact Education Facilitator Andrew Wilson at Plymouth Bay House. Call 508-747-1115 or email at