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Welcome to Plymouth Bay House

COVID-19 Information and Updates:

Plymouth Bay House is closed.

Arrangements have been made with Club members to ensure each person receives comprehensive services during this time. Although building facilities are closed, supports provided to members will be ongoing. These supports include:

• Employment services (benefits, job search taxes, SSI, and other general work items). Call John or Devon at the Clubhouse 508-747-1115.

• Food distribution: a daily lunch is being offered to members free of charge. Meals will be delivered to those without a vehicle. If a member has a personal vehicle and is able to drive to the Club, staff ask for members to arrive no later than 11:15 a.m.

• Daily digital connections to other members through Facebook Live, Plymouth’s Facebook page, and use of WhatsApp. Daily morning meetings are still being held at 10 a.m. on the Club’s Facebook page using Facebook Live.

• Regular wellness check-ins from staff depending on need of each member

• Members are encouraged to check in with their peers. Plymouth Bay House has members who have offered to be a point of contact if someone needs a support system at any given time.

If you have any questions please contact Jaimee Provan at 508-747-1115 or


Plymouth Bay House is a community of support for individuals who are in recovery from mental illness. The Clubhouse is a completely voluntary membership program, with activities based around the interests, needs, and goals of its membership.

Our services include supports geared toward employment, education, social activities and relationships, life skill development, housing, connecting to community resources, health and wellness, arts-based rehabilitation, and advocacy.  The focus of Plymouth Bay House is on self-help, peer support, and empowerment of its membership, with staff and members working side by side to manage all of the Clubhouse operations and governance.

Our Clubhouse focuses on the strengths of each individual, providing membership the opportunity to live, learn, and engage in meaningful work, while contributing their talents to the Plymouth Bay House community.

Plymouth Bay House is a program of Vinfen. To Learn more about Vinfen, visit their website at